The pharmacy sector is facing major changes: The pharmacy reform is approaching and the e-prescription is gaining in importance. The card-link procedure is also a hot topic. In this dynamic environment, the industry’s innovative strength is more important than ever in order to shape the future together and position itself optimally for future developments. This is precisely where expopharm 2024, the leading trade fair for the pharmacy industry, comes in and invites all participants to play an active role in shaping this future.

Under the motto “For the future of our pharmacies“, expopharm is aimed at all players in the pharmacy industry, from pharmacy owners and pharmacists to pharmaceutical technical assistants, specialist experts, manufacturers and service providers. The campaign for this year’s trade fair emphasizes the importance of cooperation and joint commitment to a sustainable pharmacy landscape.

Expopharm is more than just a trade fair – it is a place of active exchange, innovation and shared learning. Pioneering solutions and innovative concepts for the current challenges of the pharmacy market are presented and discussed here. Target-group-specific formats and a diverse range of offerings ensure that every participant finds exactly what will help and inspire him or her. For pharmacy owners, this often means a decision-making basis for investments in the future.

An important intention of expopharm is to promote a sense of community within the industry. The trade fair offers numerous opportunities for networking and collaboration in order to develop new ideas together and drive positive change. After all, the future of the pharmacy industry can only be successfully shaped through the commitment of all professional groups. For the visitors, it is therefore not just an event. The days are carried by the feeling “It’s our expopharm and therefore the experience of the year for all of us in the pharmacy market.

Expopharm 2024 is optimistic about the future and is committed to strengthening pharmacies and preparing them optimally for the upcoming reform and future developments. It is the place where the course is set for the future of the pharmacy market – a place where changes are shaped positively and new perspectives are created together.

Take an active part in shaping the future – we look forward to your participation and that of your customers!